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Scott Russo's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Scott Russo

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[08 Feb 2004|12:38am]
I didn't die. I'm still here. You really didn't think I'd leave without torturing the hell out of you fuckers some more, did ya? Wade xwadeyoumanx) finally joined. Everyone should add him. Right now, dammit! Yeah, bitch, you know I got you wrapped around my finger.
Jesus, why is it always cold when I update this damn thing. Typing freezes my fingers. Maybe I'll put something meaningful or interesting in here tomorrow. Don't hold me to it.
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[05 Jan 2003|11:53pm]
Did I puke on anyone's shoes last night? I can't remember *weak grin*
Kidding. They're playing that Good Charlotte song on the radio right now. Good guys. Baaaad coverage. Good thing MTV stopped playing U-Law, huh? Ha. They're just scared of us. What, punks?
I swear to you I'm not fucked up on anything.
I heard the best pick-up line last night come out of the mouth of Robotman backslash comma Earthman.
*smooth voice* Can IIII...fuck you?
I should use that. Hey, almost as good as "Wanna screw?" How can I get like this on normal days? What's wrong with me?

I think everyone wants me dead. Hell, I want me dead. Damn, I need a smoke :/

[[ Hey, we need the rest of the U-Law members! Ha. What? It could be interesting! :) ]]
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Delayed post, also known as, Scott is a lazy son of a bitch [01 Jan 2003|09:41pm]
Yeah, keeping up with this thing has been a bitch. Personal problems I won't get into.
We're off the tour, which hasn't been the most exciting thing in my life. Hey, happy fucking holidays, by the way. Damn, I'm behind.
Seriously, this thing still stumps me all the time. I never know what to write in it. I mean, just spilling your guts out to anyone who has the time to read still kind of scares me. I'll get over it. Give me a little more time.
So I leave you with this profound statement: "Ishn't that veird?"
I know, I know, I'm a lame bastard, give me a break ;)
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[11 Dec 2002|06:00pm]
I know, I know. Where the fuck have I been? Colorado, actually. We go on in a few hours after Good Charlotte. Not bad. The guys on the radio show tour have been awesome. The Authority Zero guys really know how to party, know what I mean? ;)
So who's gonna shoot me for not updating? Ha. You all know you want to. I'm a very shootable guy. I've been told I'm fuckable, but I won't go into that.
And who the fuck decided to tell a few people I cheated on my wife? I would never do that. Not that it's any of their fucking business. It still baffles me at how some people seem to make up shit just so they have gossip to tell everyone in the morning. It's fucked up and it screws relationships up. It ruins trust. So if you spread rumors, fuck you. Rot and die.
So how's everyone else on this cheery evening? Anyone willing to make a lonely singer some new icons? You'll get to see me beg if you don't. And no one wants to see me beg. Trust me.
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[28 Nov 2002|12:55pm]
Is anyone online?


Someone get online :/
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[28 Nov 2002|12:02pm]
You're supposed to give thanks on Turkey Day, right? So thanks.
These fuckers need journals so I have someone to harass.
Seven days until tour. Whose coming to see us? Motherfuckers. You know you wanna see my ass onstage :-*
My paid account is running out. Where's my credit card? Damn, too far.
I need something for my comments link. Anyone have any suggestions?

OOC: Last time for awhile, I swearCollapse )
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[16 Nov 2002|06:39pm]
I always update on the weekends now. That's bad. I'm a baaaad boy. *growl*
Lookin' at the itinerary and it's not lookin' too bad for the tour. Nice places. Virginia, Colorado, Idaho, Florida. Niiice. You know what sucks? Everything. Being on tour, I just wanna get home. It's all I think about when I'm actually capable of thought. But when I'm off tour, I'm going around anticipating the tour. Counting down the days I have left at home. Which only drags me down. Know what I mean?
Jodi's been acting really weird around me lately. I don't know if she's pissed or if she's just...moody. I asked her and she laughed and told me I was overreacting. Overreacting my ass. I'll find out eventually. Just worried about HOW.
I should really update this mofo more often. I SHOULD. But it doesn't mean I'll REMEMBER.
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[16 Nov 2002|05:25pm]
[[Oh God, I feel horrible. You do all know this is fake, right? I'm not really Scott. I feel so bad :/ ]]
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[09 Nov 2002|03:07pm]
We're off a whole month, it's great. So hopefully, I'll be able to update this mofo more often. Because I suck at it. And I'll be on AIM more. Because...I suck at that, too. I can get better!
It honestly took me about an hour to write this whole damn thing out. I'm zoning out and feel like I'm high. Which isn't the best thing in the world, let me tell you. Tre, God bless the kid, got into some permanent markers we had lying around and has been drawing like there's no tomorrow in the dining room on any piece of paper he can find. So that'd probably be why I'm so goddamn light-headed.

Woozy. Woooooozy *falls off chair*

Google...does that word crack anyone else up?Collapse )
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[01 Nov 2002|10:07pm]
The one time I'm online and NO ONE is there. Someone get on in the next...::counts:: fifteen minutes and IM me


Or I'll stab myself in the eye with this plastic spork, I swear!
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[01 Nov 2002|09:47pm]
God, I love myself.
Kidding, kidding.
Jesus, this thing is hard to keep up with. Those other fuckers need journals. I told 'em. Do they listen? Nope.
We need some drama. We need Wade to go fuck shit up. I feel like something's wrong because everything's NORMAL. Ha.
I think I'm gonna kill Quizilla.com. It's the cause of all my problems right now. Christ, STOP WITH THE QUIZZES! I will start a fucking MOB ON YOUR ASS!
Goddammit, it's fucking cold in here ::shivers::
Someone argue with me. I might let you win ;)
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*cough*BLURB*cough* [29 Oct 2002|05:17pm]
I'm fucking horrible at this thing. I'll get better at it, I promise.
I guess I just feel weird about just...talking about anything and everything on the computer. So almost everyone and their mother can see. Eventually, I'll get it. I swear.
We're off until November 2nd. I bought Halloween candy to celebrate. Seven bags, actually. What? They're for the kids! At least...the Whoppers are...all...one...bags. Hey, I can enjoy candy just like any other guy!
We got us a new CD coming out. Okay, so it's not...NEW, but check it out. You know you want to.
Too bad no one got to see Wade's naked butt on the show. Lucky you guys. Didn't make the park rangers too happy, though. Apparently, you're not supposed to jump in that lake in your birthday suit. I can't imagine why not *smirks*
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[25 Oct 2002|09:30pm]
Does this disturb anyone else? *shudders*
I'll never be able to look at those damn muppets the same again. Or whatever the hell they are...
I should just update with stupid blurbs from now on. People loooove blurbs ;)
Jodi fell asleep and I'm watching her, wanting to get all mushy. And goopy. But I won't. Don't worry.
Does Eminem scare anyone else when he raps? I feel like he's gonna jump through the TV screen and rip my head off. That dude's evil. I wanna be just like him when I grow up.
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[24 Oct 2002|08:06pm]
Jesus...Christ, why are peanuts bags so damn hard to open? My hands aren't working. WORK, hands, WORK!
I think I had too much to drink. Naw! I only had TWO! TWO beers. Not a lot, no sir.
Fucking...bag. Are these fuckers...childproof or smoething? Pfft. Piece of shit.
Hey, I don't curse too fucking much when I'm drunk! Eh.
Okay, I lied. Four. Ha. Fooooled you.
Ever notice how the screen can hypnotize you? It spins after awhile. Or maybe that's just me.
Wade's trying to kick me off. He says I had too much to drink to be online. Shows how much he knows! Pfft.
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[24 Oct 2002|06:53am]
Wait, what? I wasn't listening.

It's too fucking early. Hawaii. Niiice. Especially since I'm sick *hack*
The past few months have just been kind of a headache. Not to mention the hangover headaches.
Someone tell me the gymnastic thing is just a phase? Cailin knocked over a couple glasses yesterday and banged her head up pretty good against the corner of the table doing one. That kid is a trip sometimes. I don't know what I'd do without her. Or Nikko, Tre and Jodi. What would I do if I woke up and Jodi had left with the kids? Die.

PK talks in his sleep. How's that for an update?
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[22 Oct 2002|06:37am]
Natalie's new icon has me strangely aroused.


We saw Signs the other day. Didn't even know Australia was still showing that movie. I swear Wade probably shit himself a few times. That's what I liked about the past few days in Aussie Land. We could go see a movie without some dumbass with bad breath singing "Seein' Red" in our faces.

A certain female fan had me sign her tit at the last concert. Jodi got pissed at me. But what can I say, a chick snaps her bra open and says "Sign here," what am I supposed to do, say no? Okay, maybe I could have said no, but come on, it's not like I boned her or anything. I barely even touched it...her...damn.

Fri 10/25/02 Honolulu, HI World Cafe
Fri 12/06/02 Norfolk, VA Old Dominion University
Sat 12/07/02 West Palm Beach, FL Coral Sky Amphitheatre
Sun 12/08/02 Clearwater, FL Coachman Park
Tue 12/10/02 Vail, CO 8150 Club
Wed 12/11/02 Denver, CO Fillmore Auditorium
Fri 12/13/02 Boise, ID Big Easy

A WHOLE MONTH. Hell yeah.
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[20 Oct 2002|05:51pm]
"Interscope dropped their 'troublemakers' Unwritten Law."

Ya know, I think that's fucking funny as hell that someone would actually say that. Yeah, we're serious fuck-ups, "troublemakers," whatever. We like to have a good time. Maybe too much. But to say that's why Interscope didn't pick us up again is screwed up, man. We're not too worried about it. I mean, out of ALL those record labels, there's gotta be one that'll pick us up. Right? *wrings hands*

Whatever, I'm gonna try not to worry about it. Sydney tonight. Everyone's heard of Sydney. Should be fun. I keep trying to cut back on the booze. Ha. Ha. We get a break soon. Hopefully. Unless we get caught up in some press thing or MTV shit again.

Sorry. I'm incredibly uninteresting and unfunny at the moment. Hey, how about this? What do you call an Ethiopian with a yeast infection? You've heard that one? Oh.
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[20 Oct 2002|12:26am]
No. I actually DON'T wear underwear. Thanks for asking, though.
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[19 Oct 2002|02:14pm]
And to make things worse, the kids want to watch Monsters, Inc. I swear, if they start crying, I'll lose it. Does anyone else want to punch that little green one with one eye over and over again?
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[19 Oct 2002|12:58pm]
I'm contemplating actually introducing myself. Not that it'll make much sense. I've got the biggest fucking headache. Hurts like a bitch.
Alright, I'm Scott Russo, singer for Unwritten Law. How was that?
We're in Melbourne today for the Livid Festival. Anyone seeing it? I don't blame you, I probably won't be there myself.
Add me, I'll add you.
There. I'm done.
Fucking headache.
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